I have to pay duty tax on the sum of my order?
Super aloha is not responsible for taxes or customs duties. The sum of your order, if you can be affected by such charges, please get in touch with your custom office for more details and information.

My order confirmation and tracking number.
Your order will be confirmed by email. Which we will facilitate. A tracking number, you can track the delivery. fedexespress our company., But oh anyway. Put it in contact with and clarify all doubts ..  

What is the delivery time of my purchase?
The delivery of your purchase will be made within 7 to 15 business days if within Spain may be reduced as a matter of distance.

What are the shipping costs of my order ?
We have a flat rate for international shipping 20 € and other 10 € for Spain.
Super Aloha is located in the city of Barcelona Spain

What are the methods of payment it accepts super Aloha.?
You may pay for your purchase through pay pal or credit cards .visa, MasterCard .visa electron. If you do not own any of these forms of payments contact us to look for other payment methods .   

Return and refund policy.
Super Aloha accept changes, return and refund makes their products. The pieces must be in perfect original condition from the factory with all its labels of origin. Box bags and hygiene seal, is totally prohibited the use of the part to be returned. The article should not be washed oh altered in any way if they do not meet the requirements of return conditions we are forced to not allow changes, return or refund.

Super Aloha assumed expense for mailing back and responsible for loss of the piece.
We assume return mailing cost no way responsible for the loss of the piece, by the company you hire to such return.

I refunded if I return a piece?
You are reimbursed the value of your piece bikini.

The company guarantees super Aloha. Data protection to your customers?
It is fully guaranteed. The privacy of your personal data. We do not store any Credit Card information., Or share your personal information. With third parties. encritaccion have technology that ensures safe Internet transmission., not enough if you are not sure of our methods of protection. contact for more information.

Super Aloha delivery orders worldwide?
Really we deliver our products from Barcelona Spain everyone.

Return  & changes:
What is the address where to send my return?
Our department is back in Barcelona Spain where we make all efforts shipments, changes and refund.
It is an exclusive space to facilitate all efforts to our customers.
Physical address for writing to request

What is the means of transportation of mail using super Aloha for delivery of your orders?
We lock with fedex. It is a recognized company that works globally to ensure greater effectiveness in transport and international mail.

What will be the final cost of my purchase include sent?
The cost of your purchase does not include the shipping cost.You will have an additional cost of 10 € if you live in Spain and if the rest of the world have different rates depending on the country of shipment.

Where I can buy my bikinis?
Super Aloha bikinis can only buy in the Online Shop. They have a certificate of authenticity. And guarantee seal. Super Aloha in all its parts.

As I wash and take care of my bikini made of neoprene?
Care bikini. Can not machine washable. Neither can double oh twist. It is a technical fabric that requires a lot of care. ..Lavar Hand always. with mild detergent, a small amount and plenty of cold water. Rinse. Then let dry in the shade this will help your bikini always look nice as the first day.

As I can choose my bikini?
You can choose your bikini as you like .. make every combination you want. combined different bottoms up oh. They are very colorful bikinis full of life. Technical comfortable and perfect for your bathroom and do water sports. very adaptable and with great support. We have 4 sizes XS .SML sizes are the average of European and American size.

Control quality of our products:
All our products go through a rigorous quality control., We ensure that all our pieces to leave the factory are in great condition .., which are not defective damage defects., Neoprene fabric is of the highest quality is hypoallergenic. tested for health control. Taking Care and details of its construction with materials for a perfect end product quality.